Agra International Women's Health Awareness Day celebrated at the ANM Training Center Awareness raised on women's health issues,Getting married at the right age and being aware about health will keep women healthy:

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Posted On:Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Agra, May 28, 2024.
The ANM Training Center celebrated International Women's Health Action Day on Tuesday. On this occasion, a program was organized to raise awareness about women's health issues.

Dr. Arun Shrivastav, Chief Medical Officer, explained that International Women's Health Action Day is observed every year on May 28, dedicated to sexual and reproductive health rights. Its aim is to address issues related to women's sexual and reproductive health rights and create an enabling environment in society.

The CM said that efforts are being made at the community level to discourage early marriage and promote family planning. It's emphasized that pregnancy should only be planned at least two years after marriage, ensuring it happens at the right age and with mutual consent.

Dr. Saloni, in charge of the ANM Training Center, highlighted findings from the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5), indicating the need for increased awareness and access to family planning methods to prevent STIs and HIV/AIDS among women.

Sanju, a teacher at the ANM Training Center, stressed the importance of providing sanitary pads in public places during menstruation to prevent various diseases. She also discussed the adverse effects of early marriage on women's health.

Ayushi, a first-year student at ANM, suggested making sanitary pads easily available in rural areas and raising awareness at the community level to promote their use, as many women still use cloth instead, risking infections.

Savita Yadav gained awareness about menstrual hygiene through the program.

Anjita emphasized the need to promote early screening for cervical and breast cancer to prevent these diseases from reaching advanced stages.

Nikita Yadav noted the health risks women face due to early marriage and advocated for community-level awareness and family planning adoption to mitigate them.

The program was attended by Surendra Singh, Satish Gurjar, Vijendra, ANM students, and others.

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